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Research / Forschung

My main field of research is the study of Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic monarchy of the 10th century, with a focus on the royal documentation of the period. In addition, I am interested in the history of the idea of Empire in the Middle Ages. My doctoral dissertation focused on the presence of the title imperator in the royal documentation of the aforementioned monarchies. In addition to this, my interests also cover other themes and periods of the Middle Ages. Lately, I have been taking an interest in the topic of the canonisation of medieval saint kings and the role played here by the Apostolic See.

Thesis' title: Imperi e identità nazionali; re e ceti intellettuali. Elaborazioni parallele in Spagna e Inghilterra, secoli IX-X // Empires and national identities; kings and scholars, analogous processing in Spain and England of IX-X centuries.

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