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Emil Lauge Christensen

Gastwissenschaftler – PhD Fellow in medieval history at Aalborg University



  • Focus Papal history (twelfth-thirteenth centuries)
  • Papal legates
  • Chronicles
  • Ritual studies


The Ritual Reception of Papal Legates

The project investigates the negotiation and appropriation of papal communication of power and authority in accounts of ritual receptions of papal legates. On the one hand, the project studies the papal perception of legates a latere’s authority and how papal perceptions were translated into expectations regarding the proper ritual receptions of legates a latere (the legati a latere were the highest ranking papal envoys). I.e., what message of legatine authority was communicated to recipients of papal legates? In turn, on the other hand, it is examined how medieval commentators (historians/chroniclers) in England and the Holy Roman Empire (Germany) reported receptions of legates a latere, thus in effect investigating the commentators’ perceptions and appropriations of the papal message. The PhD project is part of the umbrella project Papal Communication and Authority in the Central Middle Ages at Aalborg University.